Monday, December 16, 2013

The News & Observer and WUNC

In listening to WUNC describe a News & Observer story just now, it occurred to me that WUNC could very well become the audio voice of the newspaper with little effort. The announcers on WUNC simply read copy as it is, and often with errors, so working with a professional news organization would be good for everyone. WUNC could reduce its staff, the N&O would get more exposure, and, most important, we would all be so much better served.


Anonymous said...

hey why don't you get serious with your comments and criticism and find out when wunc radio has a board of directors meeting and make sure it is open to the public, publicized and that you are in attendance? most public radio stations would do this automatically but not the illustrious wunc which does not operate with any accountability save perhaps for those with deep pockets who manage to be named to the "leadership circle."

Terry MAGUIRE said...

I added this comment because it is relevant, but I wish someone like this had the courage to put her/his name with the comment. Posting as "anonymous" requires no courage of convictions and I surely think less of people who choose this route.