Friday, September 23, 2011

Food North Carolina: NC wine study

As best I can tell, it took WUNC at least three days to discover this. They presented it today as though it had just been released, but it actually was released on Tuesday, as best I can tell. Does this merit "news" coverage?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The NCAA And The So-Called Student-Athlete : NPR

I would think this should have gotten a lot more attention on WUNC than just with programming from NPR, including this and another Morning Edition piece. According to this, he is a UNC graduate.

"Rebuilding Haiti" -The Diane Rehm Show

It was nice to see this show back-to-back with this one on the State of Things but too bad no one noted it either in advance or following with these links for anyone interested in seeing a somewhat local and more global look at Haiti.

North Carolina Public Radio Association

This looks a tad inactive.

Friday, September 16, 2011

License renewal

Just heard thte on-air announcement again about WUNC's license renewal applicaiton. The applicaiton contains, I imagine, all sorts of interesting stuff about the station's performance over the past 8 years. Is any of that posted online? No, it seems. Do they offer to mail a copy of what might be a big document? No. Instead, anyone who wishes is welcome to come to the station's offices and review it there. For a lot of people, that's a huge investment of time, and I bet they get very few takers. Perhaps it is time for at least one person to go to the station, take a bunch a notes and do what the station ought to have done, and share that with a larger community.
In the end, WUNC must show that it has operated in the "public interest".
Deadline for comments to the FCC is 1 Nov, so says the announcement on-air.
I wonder if any competing applications are being filed? WUNC is just a licensee and if someone puts together a better station proposal, the FCC can award the license to a different entity, as most people don't realize, I am pretty sure.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

"At Colleges, the Marketers Are Everywhere" -

Let's see - any chance that WUNC will mention this story?

Civil War

With all the hoopla about creating stories of the Civil War from WUNC listeners, is this all they could do? I found 3 interesting ones here and no others.

Perhaps that is why the link to these appears not to be postable directly? You'll need to copy all in quotes to have a chance of accessing it....

" war"

"Special 9/11 Coverage" — North Carolina Public Radio WUNC

One might think, as I do, that some of the "special" programming for today might include North Carolina? Two people, plus others I imagine, are mentioned today in local papers - David SCHANZER and Samia SERAGDELIN - with personal accounts related to 10 years ago. Is there none of this in the WUNC "archive" so often mentioned on air? And tonight, the NC Symphony is doing a concert that will be televised. Is that not worth WUNC broadcast as well?

Thursday, September 08, 2011

BBC News - Economic hard times in small town America

It is not even worth a few seconds to check the WUNC website to find a link to a story they are rebroadcasing from the BBC as I type this. Why the station would not want to bring this story to more customers remains a great mystery to me. Not everyone is able - or chooses to be able - to listen the BBC Newshour broadcast at this time, or via the BBC website or podcast. Whatever the reason, a story on NC dealing with today's critical issue of employment deserves more from WUNC.

PRI| Public Radio International | Find Programs In Your Area

How interesting. This allows you to search - as I did in this case for Bob Edwards Weekend program from PRI - to see which PRI programs are broadcast in NC by whom. With WUNC nauseatingly repeated "North Carolina Public Radio" all the time, it's easy to forget that it is only applicable to a portion of the state. And, most important, it has a lot of programming from which to choose, and WUNC never presents any of these choices to their listeners for comment and suggestions.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

NCDOT: N.C. 12 Recovery Efforts

Is this linked from the WUNC home page? It does not seem to be here where one might expect to find it, no?

Friday, September 02, 2011

North Carolina Public Radio WUNC — North Carolina Public Radio WUNC

Heard a story, I think, this morning that came from another public radio station in NC, this time in Wilmington. No trace of it here.