Friday, August 15, 2008

"North Carolina Public Radio Summer 2008 Campaign"

I think I heard this morning that something like 1,600 people had contributed $68,000 so far in this campaign. (Update on 19 Aug - the numbers as announced over-the-air are 1,900 and $81,000; another update on 25 Aug - 2,500 and $110,000) Why does WUNC not put this information on its website? I think many people would like to know how the campaign is doing and the best medium of clearly communicating this informaiton is the internet - in addition to over the air.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Managing Change" - WUNC PowerPoint Presentation

I am not sure the date of this, but it looks to be an interesting PowerPoint presentation by the former station manager about the change WUNC made in 2001 to its current format. It's a useful historical record, at the very least.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Prairie Home in North Carolina

Tonight we are supposed to hear a Prairie Home Companion on WUNC that is made up of two older shows from North Carolina. WUNC has been playing a KEILOR promo for the show, but as best I can tell, there is nothing on their website that might tell us anything about the rest of the story after those earlier performances. What's happened to those who appeared? What's relevant NC news related to what was on the shows? Something that indicates a passing acquaitance with the notion of how to use the web to supplement other media.......?

It is amazing that the WUNC people don't seem to understand the value of linking to something like the Prairie Home Companion site in order to see more about the North Carolina show! At least KEILOR's team knows the value of links - see the links to the performers.

What an embarrassment to those of us who live here.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Whole Foods?

I am sure I heard a mention on-air today of Whole Foods being or becoming a sponsor of WUNC's website. I was interested to see what they were promoting there, so I took a look. Not a mention of Whole Foods as best as I can tell!

I contacted Whole Foods and was told by their local marketing manager they are not a sponsor of the WUNC website.

So I called the station this afternoon and the man who answered said that Whole Foods is indeed a website sponsor. In order to see their banner, all I needed to do was to refresh the page enough times and it would appear. After a dozen tries, it was there!

Effective for Whole Foods? That's for them to decide......if they are sponsoring the site.