Friday, October 25, 2013


On air, the announcer this morning said, I think, that 3,200 (updated to 3,900 on 25 Oct 2013) people had bought a chance for free trips and favors this go-round. Where on the WUNC site are the numbers of "sustainers"? Evolution of number of people giving money to WUNC? Is the average amount annually, per person, going up or down? That last announcement said the 3,900 was in addition to "sustainers". Numbers, please! At some point in the course of this, I think they mentioned 525,000 but not sure if that was goal or money that they had either received or was pledged. (That was back when they said that 2,600 had participated in the pledge drive to that point.) They said more than 4,000 on 1 November 2013.

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