Friday, May 27, 2011

All Things Considered : NPR

It says here that the program is 2 hours and that sounds about right. Does that mean that WUNC repeats the first half hour then from 6 to 6:30? Why?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

All Radio, All the Time, and Free (for Now) - State of the Art -

Hmm, does this mean Back Porch Music at a time other than when broadcast?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Farm labor: Children in the fields - CBS News

Note the part of this story that includes a tomato farmer in NC who says that he employs a lot of young teenagers to pick his crop.

I would thinkt that a station that calls itself "North Carolina Public Radio" would be doing several things.

One, reporting more about this practice so we can all understand it better.

Perhaps diverting resources to do this instead of asking listeners to tell the station what they think the Civil War legacy in NC is.

At the VERY least, I'd put a link to this story on the WUNC site and ask for comment about the story and about what WUNC might do to add to the coverage of the issue, again, so we all understand better.

Radio Station That Turned Hero Faces an Uncertain Future -

Stations Consider Ending Contracts With PBS -

I wonder how this is working out at NPR?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

From WUNC & NPR — North Carolina Public Radio WUNC

The WUNC announcers have been talking about a Civil War project. I just came to the website and there is no mention of Civil War! Amazing, but not surprising. Using the search function on the page, I also come up with zero.
I heard them announce it again this morning (Monday) and so looked again. If you are into reading advertising banners, perhaps you would have caught it. I did not. Here it is.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Tanger Outlets Turns 30 — North Carolina Public Radio WUNC

There sure is another side of this that WUNC seems to omit in promoting Tanger. I wonder if they give any money to the station? And why is it, exactly, the WUNC allows no comments on its own stories?

North Carolina Public Radio WUNC — North Carolina Public Radio WUNC

The station said something about a site at NC State dealing with recipes and health. I did not catch the URL. They provide no apparent means to find it here.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

189,000 to go

Heard this at some point mid-afternoon.

Why, exactly, does WUNC fail to say anything about amount raised til late in each fund drive?


It's fascinating to see that number go down to about 150,000 overnight, with 3,800 people contributing, and then a little later today, up to 4,100.

At one point, they said the drive would end tomorrow - they wait til near the end to say when it will end - and at another point they said it is "anitcipated" to end.



And now this morning 6 May, at 9 AM, they report that they have hit their target of 750,000.

Monday, May 02, 2011

2,300+ contributors

Did I hear that correctly?

Which programs interrupted?

It's curious to see that WUNC interrupts some programs during the fund drive and not others. I wonder if it is a function of the program supplier? It sure would be nice for WUNC to explain more, and more often, how they go about picking the programming they obtain and choose to carry on their frequencies. That represents about 90% of each 24 hour period, no? It probably even includes the news promos read by local announcers, at least the words, but I am only guessing at that.

From WUNC & NPR — North Carolina Public Radio WUNC

Compare the home page of WUNC right now with that of The New York Times. One might ask a bunch of questions about judgments on this morning of Bin Laden's death news, no?


One could argue, and I certainly would, that this is a day when WUNC should suspend its fund-raising and contest-sponsoring announcements so that we can listen to NPR and BBC coverage of the aftermath of Bin Laden's death. Their failure to do so in any meaningful way (ok, they may have done a little less this morning for a while) raises huge questions in my mind about what WUNC thinks its mission may be.

For those who want to listen to the full BBC Newshour, you can do so here.

Sunday, May 01, 2011


There are a lot of people with Irish knowledge and connections in the WUNC market and you'd think they would tap some of that in connection with their raffling off the trip to Ireland.


I looked everywhere I could think on the WUNC wesbite and could find no explanation about the pledge drive, any of the offers or premiums, etc. You'd think WUNC would want to explain more about this, but maybe they don't.

The State of Things — North Carolina Public Radio WUNC

Is the State of Things broadcast on any other NC public radio stations?