Thursday, July 30, 2009

WUNC off the air....

I was listening to the BBC Newshour at 9:40 AM today when a story on Zimbabwe was interrupted abruptly to say that the station was going off the air for twenty minutes because of work on the transmitter.

That's fine, but where is the rest of the story.

On the website, there is a mention of concern for worker safety. What's happening?

Why was there no announcement on air that the station would continue to be available on the web?

Why no continuing announcement/news "on-air" (through the website) about the outtage.

Why no warning in advance?

Why nothing on the website about where a listener can go - with a precise link - to listen to the rest of the BBC story that was interrupted?

For an organization that spouts so profusely how important it is as a source of information, reality just does not measure up to the promise.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

President OBAMA in NC but not on WUNC.....

The news and other judgments made at WUNC mystify me.

The President of the United States is in the WUNC coverage area today - Raleigh - speaking as I type this to a town hall of North Carolinians about health care reform.

At least one NC radio station is carrying the event live, along with at least one television station, and others have it available on the web.

Is there any mention whatsoever of this on the WUNC home page? No.

Is WUNC carrying the event live? No.

Is WUNC telling someone who comes to the WUNC site later where they can see or listen to the event later? No.

I have frequently used the word astounding to describe my reaction to decisions at WUNC. It applies here again.

Monday, July 27, 2009

"NPR Is Enhancing Its Web Site" -

I wonder if WUNC will explain any of this to listeners and/or on its website?

It would seem to me that WUNC has a huge opportunity to help its customers access huge amounts of additional content beyond what WUNC broadcasts or rebroadcasts. With all of the people working at WUNC, one would think that someone might have a spare moment do some of this.

Is it so hard to do what Scott SIMON has done in the linked video here ?