Thursday, February 03, 2011

WUNC's February Travel Bingo

It is important for WUNC to raise money to continue its operation, of course.

But, I wonder if I am alone in simply turning off the radio for the most part while they try to get listeners to take a chacne on winning a trip somewhere. Instead, I find myself relying much more on varied internet sources, including many programs otherwise retransmitted by WUNC from NPR, PRI and the BBC, and suing podcasts more often plus an occasional check on news covered on various cable television channels.

It's good to be reminded how many alternative sources of quality information and insight there are.

It's too bad that WUNC's fundraising strategy is what leads me to do so.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. WUNC is insufferable during fundraising time. My NPR addiction forces me to turn off my radio and stream from other NPR stations to get my fix. The station knows how horrible it is, as it never publicizes the dates of the beg-a-thon to alert listeners when it is safe to turn the radio back on.