Friday, February 04, 2011


By its nature, a lot of radio reporting is prerry superficial. It simply takes a lot of time to speak a few words and depth usually requires more.

The same goes for the fund drive.

We get really no in-depth understanding in what WUNC says, incessantly, on the air. There is no context for the assertion that they spend over 900,000 on programming that they rebroadcast. What percentage of the overall budget is that? How much does it cost to produce The Story? What percentage of the each dollar contributed goes to fund-raising expense?

There is an answer to not doing this over the air and something less than burying some of this somewhere on website.

Send out a rich e-mail regularly with links to answers to all of these questions so that anyone wanting to see the details can.

Why does WUNC not do this? Why do they not have an FAQ page on their website with these questions fully answered?

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