Saturday, September 24, 2005

As Test Scores Jump, Raleigh Credits Integration by Income

As Test Scores Jump, Raleigh Credits Integration by Income

Have we heard this reported on WUNC - NC Public Radio? If so, where is the link? If not, why not?

Here is what comes up in a search of the WUNC news archive:

"Hurricane Katrina Wedding
Air Date: 9/19/2005
A couple from New Orleans now living at the Hurricane Katrina Disaster Victims Center in Wake County will get married tomorrow. The couple had planned a secret trip to the justice of the peace – but folks at the shelter wouldn’t let the milestone pass quietly. Leoneda Inge reports.
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9th Grade Academies
Air Date: 8/22/2005
School starts this week in most districts across the state. In Wake County some schools are experimenting with something called 9th Grade Academies. They are part of an effort to keep kids from dropping out by making the transition between 8th and 9th grades easier. Jessica Jones reports from Cary High School.
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Summer School
Air Date: 7/15/2005
Summer school is in full swing for students across the state. In Wake County alone, there are almost 700 students in class this summer. Some are there to take extra courses and get ahead in High School. But as Jessica Jones reports from Raleigh, others are there because they failed at least one of their courses during the school year.
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Wake County School Growth
Air Date: 3/24/2005
With almost 110,000 students, Wake County’s School District is the second largest in the state – and it’s only getting bigger. WUNC’s Jessica Jones reports on the difficult time school officials have had predicting growth and planning for expansion.
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High School in Jail
Air Date: 3/1/2005
More than 20 thousand students in North Carolina dropped out of school last year. That’s according to State Educators who are encouraging schools to work harder to keep students in the classroom. But once teenagers are outside a traditional high school setting getting a diploma can be very difficult. That’s especially true for teenagers who are in jail or prison. That’s in part why Wake County officials founded John Baker High School. It’s a charter school that operates inside the Wake County Jail. WUNC’s Jessica Jones reports.
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Stranded at School
Air Date: 1/20/2005
2,800 Wake County students are back home this evening (1/20/05) after yesterday’s snow stranded them overnight at area schools. WUNC’s Laura Leslie spent this morning at Leesville Road Middle School in Raleigh.
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Light Snow Snarls Raleigh
Air Date: 1/20/2005
A couple inches of snow paralyzed the City of Raleigh on Wednesday (1/19/05). Traffic was so bad that public school students at more than 50 Wake County Schools couldn’t get home. The schools suspended bus service at about 11 last night – and the students who were left behind – had to spend the night in classrooms. City officials say it’s unclear exactly why so little snow caused so many problems. WUNC’s Morning Edition anchor Eric Hodge spoke with Mayor Charles Meeker on Thursday morning. Meeker says Wednesday was a very frustrating day for drivers – and for the police and road crews who were trying to help people get home.
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