Thursday, May 19, 2005

"Think Global: Public Radio Collaboration 2005"

You can listen to this program this Saturday, 21 May from 2 to 4. Here is the description from the site: "Hosted from London, Boston and Los Angeles, and reaching audiences on five continents, this special two-hour call-in program will explore the impact of globalization on your way of life, wherever you live. How does the global economy affect ordinary people? What are the cultural pluses and minuses? How can poor nations compete? Hosts Robin Lustig (BBC's Talking Point), Dick Gordon (WBUR's The Connection) and Larry Mantle (KPCC's AirTalk) guide a lively conversation between globalization experts Jeffrey Sachs (UN Millennium Project) and Edward Leamer (UCLA); BBC correspondents in Johannesburg, Beijing, Sao Paolo and Delhi; and listeners around the world."

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