Monday, May 23, 2005

FAQs about WUNC's "financial picture"

WUNC has added some new content to its site, or so it appears (the addition is not dated). This new page presents links to WUNC's answers to these four questions/subjects:

"+Where does North Carolina Public Radio - WUNC get its operating funds?
+How does WUNC's fundraising compare to other public radio stations nationally?
+How does WUNC use the money we raise?
+North Carolina Public Radio - WUNC's relationships to other entities and management structure "

It is a good rough draft, but surely needs an editor, as well as someone to ask many of the questions for which the rather wordy text does not provide answers. For example, there appears to be a committee of people advising the station on fund-raising initiatives. Where is that list? The link to the part of UNC to which the station management "reports" contains no names, only an institution. There a dozen more like that.

Read this draft and send your comments to the station and/or post them here by clicking on "comments" on the next line.

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