Thursday, February 20, 2014

Natural Gas Drilling in North Carolina: Impacts of Fracking on Health, Water | NRDC

I find it hard to believe - in the same spirit as my comment about the Gov. McCRORY "news" item on WUNC - that this James TAYLOR message is somehow worthy of a press release just because the NRDC has paid to place it on various television stations in the state. My views on fracking are not relevant; nor should they be for WUNC, but more important, is something news just because someone pays to say it? If so, at least every political message deserve a news "story", no? How about that woman who attacks Sen. HAGAN over the Affordable Health Act? Who is she? Why not a story about her message? (I'd love to know who she is so I could be sure not to go to any film in which she might appear!)

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