Friday, September 16, 2011

License renewal

Just heard thte on-air announcement again about WUNC's license renewal applicaiton. The applicaiton contains, I imagine, all sorts of interesting stuff about the station's performance over the past 8 years. Is any of that posted online? No, it seems. Do they offer to mail a copy of what might be a big document? No. Instead, anyone who wishes is welcome to come to the station's offices and review it there. For a lot of people, that's a huge investment of time, and I bet they get very few takers. Perhaps it is time for at least one person to go to the station, take a bunch a notes and do what the station ought to have done, and share that with a larger community.
In the end, WUNC must show that it has operated in the "public interest".
Deadline for comments to the FCC is 1 Nov, so says the announcement on-air.
I wonder if any competing applications are being filed? WUNC is just a licensee and if someone puts together a better station proposal, the FCC can award the license to a different entity, as most people don't realize, I am pretty sure.


w said...

we are unfortunately saddled with one of the worst public radio stations in the country. yes, we're fortunate to have one, but my goodness it could be so much better. if they'd just drop this intelligence-insulting, branding crap they insist on conforming to and shoving down the listeners' throats. If they would shut up with the announcing the host's name at lest four times an hour and with telling us how lucky we are that they are 'bringing the world home to us.' we have a very conservative station not interested in rocking any boats but making sure all of its idiot listeners can easily recall the station so that they can charge higher sponsorships. there's scant difference between their "high-minded" motives and a for profit station. i'm so sick of them that I change stations as soon as a local on air host comes on the air. thankfully with streaming, etc., we have choices and are not completely dependent on the pathetic wunc.

Terry MAGUIRE said...
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Terry MAGUIRE said...

"W" is welcome to express his or her views here, but I really don't understand why someone like this would hide behind "W" and not give us a real name. I always do and I always pay a lot more attention to people who do the same. There is rarely an acceptable explanation for remaning anonymous if one really believes what they write and say.