Friday, May 07, 2010

More fund drive numbers

At 7 AM today, the announcer said 7,800 had called. At 9 AM, the announcer said they only needed to raise 68,000 more by the end of the day.....

And the announcers now - just before 6 PM - say that they have "heard from" 9,191 people who have contributed the 880,000 that was the goal. I look forward to seeing a breakdown of how much of that money winds up going to pay for all of the trips and other expenses, plus the people at the station who work on fundraising instead of programming. As I recall, that adds up to maybe a quarter or a third of this total and I bet most contributors don't realize this.

On Sunday evening, I heard the announcer say that over 9,000 people had contributed or pledged, and he said that it was the "most successful" fund drive in the station's history. (He might have inserted "spring" before fund drive.)

Even better - I see that the WUNC has added this note to its home page:

"Spring Fund Drive!

Thank you! With your help WUNC made goal ($880,000) in the 5 PM hour Friday and the phones kept ringing. Our previous record for a Spring Drive was $898,000--we are ending the night with $906,000 raised from more than 9,400 donors. You are the best listeners and supporters! Many thanks!"

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w said...

Don't forget that this station's employees are on the state payroll - even those who are dedicated to fundraising. Must be a benefit of being affiliated with UNC. The salaries alone for the employees listed on their website total more than $2 million. This does not include benefits, which for state employees, are nothing to turn your nose up at. I wish I could get benefits as decent as the state gives. Nor does this total include Dick Gordon, who may be paid out of some other fund.

So this station goes right on saying just about every day how everything we hear on their station is paid for by listeners while they repeat the lie that they don't get state funding but they never mention that ALL of their staff are state employees. How convenient. Now wonder they can out-compete other stations with their signal and fundraising, as they try to turn into a state-wide monopoly wiping out Public Radio East and Greensboro's already-existing local NPR station. Let's see the state pull the plug on paying these salaries and see how WUNC conducts itself then.

They continue to disgust me with their incessant self-promotion and condescension to their listeners.