Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fund raising

It continues to surprise me that they do not use their website as a way of updating the pledge drive numbers. For the first time that I can recall, they seem to be doing a good job of telling us two things on air. One is the goal - 650,000 - and the other is where they are in trying to reach that goal. A day or two ago it was at 283,000 left to raise. This morning they said they were down to 208,000.

Given all the references to times being financially tough for so many, I wonder if any of the people at the station have accepted pay cuts?

I am still waiting for an answer to my query about how much Dick GORDON is paid.

And, in keeping with the spirit of getting it right, I hope someone has explained the correct pronuniciation by now of two words - Montreux in Switzerland and the first word in Bonne Soiree. I cannot believe that others have not corrected them, or maybe they just don't listen?

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