Wednesday, January 06, 2010

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w said...

Because WUNC is not responsive to its listeners who do not make large donations, because contributing to WUNC is actually harming public radio by (1) engorging a bloated, stale, brown-nosing, administration-heavy, runs as many ads as a commercial station so might as well be commercial that (2) seeks to encroach onto the territory (and thus donors) of stations which could otherwise benefit, such as those in Greensboro, Fayetteville and public radio east, I wish that a newspaper would run a story exposing WUNC for what it is: little more than a money-raising operation.

Just look at the following State of North Carolina salaries (my apologies for the alignment) for several of WUNC's staff, which can be verified by publicly available sources:

Last Name First Name Total Salary Title
STASIO FRANK J $124,793 Host, “The State of Things”
WALKER CONNIE J $94,616 General Manager
WOLFE BRENT E $64,211 Interim News Director
YEAGER REGINA L $100,317 Director of Development
BROWER II DAVID J $59,524 Interim Program Director
FUSCO JENNIFER M $85,364 Principal Gifts Manager
MACKEY CECILIA V $23,043 Listener Services
PAINTER WAKEFIELD PATRICIA M $46,753 Operations Manager & Producer
WODARSKI ALLAN $47,354 Audio Engineer
THOMAS LINDSAY FOSTER $50,000 Producer, "The State of Things"
WESTON JAMES KEITH $52,898 Producer and Host, “Back Porch Music” and North Carolina Public Radio Webmaster
WOODLEY ANITA S $44,908 Producer, "The Story with Dick Gordon"
PRINCELL CORIENNE $48,872 Producer, "The Story"
JANET BABIN $74,587 Producer, “The State of Things”
BRAND CATHERINE E $66,188 Afternoon Host and Reporter
BARRON KATHERINE S $51,030 Managing Editor, "The State of Things"
HOBAN ROSEMARY E $54,229 Health Reporter 
HODGE ERIC P $69,401 Host, “Morning Edition”
KHAN YASMEEN E $41,200 Broadcast Producer for ATC/PIN Analyst
LESLIE LAURA M $57,656 Capitol Bureau Chief
INGE-BARRY LEONEDA $53,088 Changing Economy Reporter
DAVIS SUSAN E $71,039 Senior Producer, "The State of Things"
JONES JESSICA A $53,726 Reporter
HUNT SHEILA L $70,737 Business Officer
LEVIN ROBERT B $111,304 Chief Operating Officer
SEN NANDINI $87,338 Director of Technologies & Engineering
ANDERSON SUSAN K $53,430 Accounting Coordinator
BOWLING JENNIFER J $54,585 Corporate Support Associate
MCCALL JR GEORGE W $63,378 Senior Corporate Support Associate
ODLE SHANA $51,510 Major Gifts Officer
WEISS SUE A $82,500 Corporate Support Manager

And compare those with the decidedly lower State of North Carolina salaries paid to staff at Fayetteville's WFSS:

Last Name First Name Total Salary Title
KLAUS KATHRYN L $31,473 News Director
WOMBLE JEFFERY M $91,229 General Manager
MARTIN RON $42,671 Assistant Director
WRIGHT JANET G $37,752 Program Director

These numbers of course do not include benefits, which as every North Carolina citizen knows, are relatively generous in this time of high insurance premiums and deductibles and copays.

I also wish the reader to notice with respect to the salaries paid to the staffs of WUNC's The State of Things and The Story With Dick Gordon. Does it seem reasonable that so much of this or any public radio station's resources should go to the production of two such boring, uninteresting, brown-nosing (yes by making sure to cover politically popular stories which reflect well on politically important and influential communities), unnecessary, pompous and irritating shows? Not in my opinion. Both shows are nearly a complete waste.

That's all I have for now. Thank you for reading.

Anonymous said...

I think it's time the public, who contibute generously to WUNC Radio, know that the Director of Technologies & Engineering, Nandini Sen, has a track record of firing or demoting Caucasian (white) male employees over the age of 50. The very same demographic who make up the majority of the station's donors.

Why the university continues to allow this, after complaints have been filed, needs to be investigated.

I am one of a growing number of people who are disgusted by the dirty inside tactics and vow to increase awareness of what is happening in Ms. Sen's department. I will no longer support the station until either Ms. Sen is removed from her dictatorship or this issue is thoroughly investigated and resolved.

I refuse to sign my name as I am a former (female) employee (not in Sen's department) who has been witness to this and knows it continues. I will, however, go to the media and write to Congress about this matter. I don't think government funds should continue going to an employer who blatently practices discrimination of a certain group.