Saturday, December 05, 2009

Community Advisory Board — North Carolina Public Radio WUNC

You have to wonder whether the people who serve on this "board" whose terms were to expire almost a year ago got an extension or whether no one pays attention to the station's awful website.

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w said...

Yes and it appears that Connie Walker has to put you onto the board. So that means you must be wealthy and able to contribute in order to get on the (powerless) board. I see Brader-Araje on there. Anyone who listens knows that he and his wife are big contributors.
This station, always with its hand out for money, gets all its salaries paid for by the state of North Carolina. Our tax dollars. I don't understand why they're always begging. And then they run as many sponsored announcements that they might as well be commercial. What a big fat lazy and pathetic station we are saddled with. I avoid it and its inane on air hosts as much as possible and always switch to WFSS 90.9 or Public Radio East 90.3 when I'm in range. I'll take some static over the crap on 91.5 and the insulting and money grubbing way the station is run. But they're always wasting air time with a big "thanks".