Monday, July 27, 2009

"NPR Is Enhancing Its Web Site" -

I wonder if WUNC will explain any of this to listeners and/or on its website?

It would seem to me that WUNC has a huge opportunity to help its customers access huge amounts of additional content beyond what WUNC broadcasts or rebroadcasts. With all of the people working at WUNC, one would think that someone might have a spare moment do some of this.

Is it so hard to do what Scott SIMON has done in the linked video here ?

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w said...

WUNC is just such a horrible station with such a large opinion of itself. They clearly have a large number of people working there. They seem to be trying to build local mini-celebrities whom they then use at fundraising events. Yes they do. I know because I've been to one. They hype the event with the appearance of the on air persons that they create. Everything on that station is driven by the goal of raising more money. Build up local personalities to use them to raise money. Expand your station's reach to the east, to the coast, to Greensboro so that you'll be able to reach more potential listeners with your vacation giveaway fundraisers. And they clearly have so much time that they have these local on air persons read the headlines that are already read by the national public radio hosts. What is gained by having a local person read the headlines? They sound so dumb, if you're allowed to know that they are simply reading the already-written national headlines. Other stations don't insult the listeners nor the on-air persons with such a wasteful exercise.
This station should humble itself and really do some cut backs and focus on quality over quantity.
And Keith Weston who assumes that it is his god given right to shove back porch music down everyone's throat as though wunc was his own personal station, we're not all happily spoon-fed that crap. Some of it may be worthwhile but not the endless hours of it every weekend. And give up the too-clever (and often repetitive) music selections. You're not that clever and even if you are, we don't need cleverness. We need sober news on topics that matter.