Thursday, July 21, 2005

Replacement for The Connection

Replacement for The Connection

This is a note I just sent to Joan ROSE (the station manager) and George BOOSEY (the program manager) at WUNC:

"Dear Joan and George,

I read what you added to the WUNC Home Page about The Connection. That's fine as far as it goes.But I would think you would want to do three things more:1) Make an on-air announcement or two, if you have not, calling attention to the item on the Home Page.2) Use the e-mail newsletter list that you have to send out a message asking for comment and input. 3) Most important, provide the people whom you are reaching via the station, the web page and e-mail with links to the web pages of some of the programs you would consider airing in the morning and/or in the evening in the affected time slots. Most of us do not know what you think the choices are and so it is impossible to give useful feedback without knowing what you are considering. You mentioned the Diane Rehm Show which I know well because of living in DC for 30 years. Let people listen to that on the program's website Give them other choices you are considering."

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