Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Corporation for Public Broadcasting

This program on The State of Things today looks like it has the potential to shed more light on what is happening in Washington, and in North Carolina, with respect to federal funds and federal control of public broadcasting. There has been a fair amount of coverage of this issue on WUNC and in its website. Does it seem like the right amount? Too much? Not enough?

More here from The New York Times today.

Good stuff here from NPR's ombudsman.

And this about one of the guests.....It says that David FOLKENFLIK worked most recently for the Herald Sun in Durham, although the wording is a little vague. In any case, a search of the Herald-Sun's archives turn up nothing with his name in it going back to 1998. Perhaps it is a function of the Herald-Sun's archives or maybe he worked there prior to 1998.

Joan Siefert ROSE keeps saying, as she did today, that WUNC receives no state funding. Ask her whether WUNC receives any free services from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (the State of North Carolina). The answer is yes, and the total is hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. It is at least disingenous, if not worse, to keep making this, at least, deceptive claim.

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